Affichage des messages dont le libellé est Facebook group "Silent Bravery - Women of Africa". Afficher tous les messages
Affichage des messages dont le libellé est Facebook group "Silent Bravery - Women of Africa". Afficher tous les messages

Facebook group "Silent Bravery - Women of Africa"

Facebook group "Silent Bravery - Women of Africa"

TAPESTRIES OF HOPE exposes A HORRIFIC issue that continues to be ignored: the rape and sexual abuse of girls of Zimbabwe. In 2002, a 9-month old girl was raped. In 2003, a two-week old girl was raped and died from the trauma. The youngest case is of a one day old girl.

The cause of these rapes is shocking: men with HIV/AIDS believe that they will be cured if they have sex with a virgin; the younger and more “pure” the girl, the better their chances of ridding themselves of aids.

A vital source of support for the girls has been the Girl Child Network (GCN), founded by Betty Makoni. With over 350 chapters and membership of over 25,000 girls, ages 0-18, this non-profit supports girls who are victims of abuse by offering resources, care and a way to keep them in school. GCN has also built three empowerment villages entirely devoted to creating a safe haven for girls to realize their full potential.

TAPESTRIES OF HOPE is the story of two child abuse survivors from opposite corners of the world who take on a government, a myth, and an entrenched system in their fight to protect girls of Zimbabwe from rape and abuse.

During the production shoot in Zimbabwe in August of 2007, Michealene and her crew were arrested, interrogated, imprisoned, and “unofficially” deported for filming the story. However, they were luckily able to keep their footage and are currently in post-production, working to get the film completed by August 2008.


PARTICIPATE in discussions on how we can STOP the rape and abuse of girls. Read and comment on the TAPESTRIES OF HOPE Blogs at Give us your thoughts and ideas!

SHARE the TRAILER with your family and friends and spread the word.

DONATE or invite friends to get involved in the project on on our Facebook CAUSES page:

SUPPORT TAPESTRIES OF HOPE by purchasing the FUTURE Jewelry including the FUTURE Sterling Silver PENDANT and FUTURE EARRINGS.
All proceeds go towards the making of this documentary and giving the girls of Zimbabwe a VOICE!
The Jewelry is also for sale at Kepler’s Bookstore in Menlo Park. Visit to purchase!
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